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we are these people!


Artistic director, performance artist & writer.

Sammy is known for their URL sketch comedy (more impressive on TikTok) and is convinced their natural state of speech is, in fact, rhyme. Often found naked and ashamed at the end of their gigs, Sammy has been praised for being consistent in making 'theatrical experiences which make you want to die' 

Sammy is the writer & creator of "That's Not My Name" as well as being responsible for all collars, Scratch Nights and artist programming here at Covered in Jam. 

Spirit animal: a half bee, half penguin, half tiger thing with 3 eyes.

Likes: tenderstem.

Dislikes: anything that isn't tenderstem.

Favourite food: finger skin.

Favourite kettle: hot water tap. 


Jake is very clever.

Aren't you Jake?

Jake dev'd his script writing and directive practise for 8 years with Gulbenkians Youth Theatre and has  been an armchair writer for over a decade, which means he’s either very good, or very bad at it. Is he Van Gogh? Or is he a self aggrandised prick?

No one knows. Or cares

Jake is currently working on CIJs next script whilst he intuitively directs our current project.


Spirit animal: above average length heron.

Likes: people.

Dislikes: people.

Favourite food: cigarettes or lasagne.

Favourite kettle: smeg?

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Clean Greek with a camera

Alexis is not forthcoming with bios. This is what Alexis would like to tell you once and once only:


Alexis hails from the island of Lesbos and is a normal human person with all the normal human features such as hands and feet.

When not doing perfectly normal human photography, videography and stage management for Covered in Jam, Alexis works as a post-production-editor by day and improviser-in-training with the Free Association by night.

People say Alexis is a cat person. This annoys him, because he is, in fact 100% a human person.

Spirit animal: angler fish.

Likes: comfy sweatpants.

Dislikes: standing up.

Favourite food: reduced supermarket sushi (only when it is reduced).

Favourite kettle: microwaves.



Scott was found playing chicken amidst the traffic on Highbury and Islington Roundabout, was kidnapped, and locked in the tech box after our old technician sadly evaporated. 

Jake fed Scott a lightbulb each time he hit the right cue  and turns out Scott hates himself enough for this to have had the optimum behavioural conditioning effects to tech shows.

He says he used to be a musician, we all used to be something, Scott.

Want to join us?

We are always looking for new pals, new minds and new skillsets.

Drop us a line, say hi and tell us what you want to bring to breakfast.

Successful candidates will complete 3 interrogations of varying intensity and one mental maths test. This is to ensure we did not waste all that time spent in school crying over mental maths tests.

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