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AD of Covered in Jam, writer and performer of ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ That's Not My Name and URL sketch comedian, Sammy began to dabble in comedy in 2022 (much more impressive on TikTok @coveredinjam). Nowadays, they can they be found either programming or performing - on the rare occasion they leave the house.

Past appearances include: Devise & Conquer: Lockdown Projects, FairPlay Fridays, Howling @ The Moon: Dogmouth Theatre, Shoreditch Comedy Club Sadvents E-Party.

Sammy is telling everyone they are currently working on 2 new projects but Sammy is always telling people things. 

Spirit animal: a half bee, half penguin, half tiger 

Likes: tenderstem

Dislikes: anything that isn't tenderstem

Favourite food: finger skin

Favourite kettle: hot water tap 

written by.jpg

Skillfully unqualified.


Jake is very clever.


Jake worked with with Gulbenkians Youth Theatre for eight years and has been an armchair writer for over a decade, which means he’s either very good, or very bad at it.

Is he Van Gogh? Or is he a self aggrandised prick?

No one knows. Or cares

Jake finished his masters at King's College London and The Globe in Shakespeare Studies (2022) and joined forces with Sammy to direct and refine That's Not My Name in October of the same year.  Jake is currently immersed in the research and development phase of his new play, 'Mummy's Home' a cynical reimagining of Euripides' Medea as a furious mother nature's retribution on her children and their ideologically manipulative father.


We hope that Jake is alive and well. 


Spirit animal: above average length heron.

Likes: people.

Dislikes: people.

Favourite food: cigarettes or lasagne.

Favourite kettle: smeg?

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Alexis is not forthcoming with bios. This is what Alexis would like to tell you once and once only:


Alexis hails from the island of Lesbos and is a normal human person with all the normal human features such as hands and feet.

When not doing perfectly normal human photography, videography and stage management for Covered in Jam, Alexis works as a post-production-editor by day and improviser-in-training with the Free Association by night.

People say Alexis is a cat person. This annoys him, because he is, in fact 100% a human person.

Spirit animal: angler fish.

Likes: comfy sweatpants.

Dislikes: standing up.

Favourite food: reduced supermarket sushi (only when it is reduced).

Favourite kettle: microwaves.




As CIJ's very own and very new sound and lighting designer Scott honed his craft whilst working That's Not My Name after a call to action when our previous technician sadly evaporated. Since joining us in March 2023, Scott operates our in-house scratch nights additional shows include RAH (Laila Latifa, The Hen and Chickens) and Let The B*tch Out (Eleanor Brewster & Fury Entertainment).  Before all this he was a landscape gardener. And before that he says he used to be a musician.


...we all used to be something, Scott.

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